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SIDES is a project aimed at encouraging local artists to release their music in physical format through exclusive limited-runs. The name SIDES refers to the sides of a tape or record, and the diverse artistic styles of the Toronto music scene.


The first edition took the form of a compilation tape with an accompanying zine which was done in partnership with Manic Juice Records. The tape featured original music by 11 local bands and the zine contained interviews, artists info, and other goodies. 

SIDES 2022 tape and zine
SIDES 2022 zine

100 copies were made and everything was done DIY. together with Manic juice records, we painted and duped the tapes, cut and folded the prints, and wrapped each one by hand.


The bands each received several copies in exchange for contributing a song, which they could keep or sell. The remaining copies were sold to recoup production costs. 


To celebrate the release, we held two shows back-to-back which showcased six of the artists who participated. The project was received extremely well and we decided to make SIDES an annual project.


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