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Huxlii's world is one where fantasy collides with the everyday. 


Sabrina Carrizo Sztainbok, a.k.a Huxlii has been making music since she was fourteen that she describes as "art pop with a punk heart". She originally started off in a riot grrrl inspired band, Pins & Needles, and played bars and venues across Toronto while still underage. Now going solo, she explores complex themes of longing, loneliness and insecurity through conversational lyrics and a melodic bedroom punk style.


Huxlii's 2016 EP "Rotten Bananas" details absurd happenings like selling your soul for fries or imagining River Phoenix and Kurt Cobain on a holographic tour together. Taking the otherworldly and meshing it with the mundane is her signature recipe.


Written, Performed and Produced by Sabrina Carrizo Sztainbok. Mastered by Blue Hardy

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vixu is a Chinese-Canadian recording artist, composer, and pianist.

vixu draws from a sultry blend of indie nostalgia, R&B, and post-impressionist piano. With tranquil expression and a taste for harmonic variation, his songs pose a new approach that just as functionally carries a pop song.

supply refers to the psycho-analytic term new supply, referring to a narcissist's excessive need for attention or admiration. The song reflects on roles in a past relationship, the risks of unhealthy interpersonal support and how it connects to self-esteem.

Written, Performed and Produced by vixu. Mastered by Blue Hardy

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Limited Edition

SIDES '23 is a limited edition vinyl that brings together two exclusive songs by two independent Toronto artists, vixu and Huxlii. Immerse yourself in the warm, lush blend of alternative rnb and pop on this 7" record. Limited to only 100 copies, the two exclusive songs can only be heard on this record! SIDES '23 is for the record collectors and those who love limited edition, short-run releases.


Direct Support

Huxlii and vixu are both independent artists making a name for themselves in the Toronto music scene. Both artists wrote and recorded their own music, and designed the cover art for their respective sides. Our SIDES project supports their careers by assisting them to release their music on vinyl and earn revenue through sales. SIDES '23 is your opportunity to support local music and keep an exclusive piece of their artistic growth for yourself.


Canadian Content

Emerging Canadian musicians are often overlooked by the music industry, but local communities know their true value. Supporting Canadian music is as important as ever to help bring the voices and talents of local artists to the global stage. Everything about this project is Canadian - from the two original songs, to the records themselves which were pressed in Canada by a local manufacturer. Your support in this project helps Canadian artists build their presence and their careers.