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About Us

Smol Audio Projects is a Toronto-based non-profit arts organization that was formed in 2021.


Our mission is to support emerging Canadian musical artists by providing them with opportunities to perform, be paid fairly for their performances, gain exposure to diverse audiences, and advance their careers. We prioritize providing opportunities to musicians from marginalized groups, including artists who identify as non-binary, queer, female, or BIPOC. We work towards this goal by focusing our efforts into three areas: organizing shows, supporting releases, and building community.


Shows - we organize DIY shows in Ontario to showcase local emerging artists and allow them gain valuable experience by performing. We strive to be transparent with relevant show details such as the venue booking and ticket sales, to provide them with the tools to do it themselves.


Releases - physical format releases such as tapes, CD's, and vinyl albums aren't always economic for emerging artists. Our annual SIDES program encourages artists to release their music. We fund select local artists to assist them with releasing individual tracks on a physical format. This increases the dissemination of their art and provides them with valuable experiences and income through sales of merchandise.

Community – together, the artists, art collectives, non-profit organizations, and audiences add so much value to Canadian music communities. It is important for us to connect with equity-seeking communities and build safe and inclusive spaces with them. We are dedicated to collaborating with members of Canadian music communities, building trust and relationships with them, being transparent, and keeping DIY alive.


Since incorporating in 2021, Smol has hosted numerous music events in Toronto at venues including The Painted Lady, Bar Orwell, and Christie Pits park. Many of our events are pay-what-you-can (PWYC) to maintain an inclusive atmosphere and maximize the artists’ exposure. 

Noah - President




Stephen - Director



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Alana - Director



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