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"SOMEWHERE IN TIME" is the latest single by Toronto's dark-psych siren, UNITY. Balanced between ethereal vocal runs and sub-bass electric pulses, UNITY uses brief moments of silence to contrast massive swells which evoke epic sci-fi imagery. The beautiful accompanying music video launches you further into her futuristic soundscape. Adorned with gold and surrounded by sand, it makes me think of an hourglass regulating the pass of time. We are proud to celebrate this huge release with her and were lucky to have a moment to talk with her about the song and her artistic journey.

Tell us about yourself? How do you describe your sound?

My name is UNITY I’m a multimedia artist currently based in Toronto, primarily focusing on sound and music. I’ve been producing over a year now and have released a couple of singles. I don’t like to tie myself to a certain genre but what I make can be called dark psychedelic music of the future.

What can you tell us about this track?

My latest single “SOMEWHERE IN TIME” is essentially a part of my concept album that’s gonna be out this year. The track takes listeners on a cosmic journey deep into the wormhole, where time distorts and the consciousness becomes omnipresent, unfolding the perception of reality that’s never been possible before. I blend diverse musical genres, incorporating syncopated drum patterns, ground shaking bass, tons of complex sound design effects and ethereal vocals. I aimed to experiment with my favourite sounds and patterns to come to something unique, that has never existed before as well as to shape the definitive sound of UNITY.

Does this song mark a new chapter in your growth as an artist?

This song definitely taught me to break the barriers of conventionality that existed in my head and move towards moulding the composition relying on feelings not templates. I strongly believe that this song as well as an insane retro-futuristic music video will have an impact on my music career and how my audience perceives me.

What's next for UNITY?

As I mentioned before, I'm preparing to release a concept album called AMALGAMA at the end of this year, which will include 10 cosmic experimental songs. I worked 2 years on it and I can’t wait to share it with the world.

If you wanna hear more of my music, see my set up and production videos, check out my instagram and Tik Tok. I also make custom beats and am always down to collaborate with other artists! Listen to "SOMEWHERE IN TIME" on all streaming platforms!

Watch the video now! You can also hear "SOMEWHERE IN TIME" playing on our HOME page!


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