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110% on their new single "Ordinary"

Following their 2023 release of "Guts", Montreal hip-hop duo 110% have stayed true to their moody hip-hop chops with their latest release, "Ordinary". With a beat steeped in a deep RnB groove and a memorable hook, this track is a must listen for anyone who appreciates chill beats and local hip-hop. I've already caught myself repeating "K-A-R-M-A" while out in the early spring sunshine.

Who are 110%? How did you get started and where did the name come from?

110% is a duo, consisting of Third? and Sahm. We started as a collective after Sahm convinced us to make music together. Over time, it turned into a duo. Our name is both a rebrand and a saying from Third?'s mother telling him to give it his 110%. 

How would you define your sound?

Our sounds range from alternative hip-hop to alternative r&b.

What's the Montreal hip-hop scene like? Who are you paying attention to in the scene?

The scene in Montreal is starting to become more communal, at least with who we communicate with. DO, the Outcast, Mico Drums, Lightitupav, Zach Zoya and KIN to name a few. 

Tell us about your latest release, "Ordinary". What's your writing/recording process like and how are the beats and lyrics created?

Ordinary is a fun song about doing mundane tasks. As for the beat and the bars, childhood friends of ours have been coming over to hang out and it would slowly turn into a session. A moment to take in is one of the many times we tell each other to write down something the other found either funny or clever. This time, it was how the chorus came to be.

Favourite line in the song?

Sahm's favorite line is: I put my best fit on, I just hope they notice me.

third's favorite line is: It would mean so much, if you let me hold your hand.

Do you have a writing ritual? Where do the song themes come from?

Our writing process is pretty spontaneous, either from what others say around us or a cool line from one of our favorite series. The song's themes come from Sahm seeking validation from others, third's car crash story and each of their own day-to-day chores.

What's next for 110%? Upcoming releases? Shows?

We have a couple of singles lined up with the next one out on the 28th! We also have a show coming up on June 15th! It'll be held at 180g café in Rosemont.

Anyone to shout out?

Thank you too much to Lightitupav, Elena, Vishan, Mel, Tai, Ana, and Leon for your constant love and support in what we do.

You can hear "Ordinary" on Spotify now! Be sure to follow 110% to keep up with their new releases!

110%'s socials:

@onebytenpercent (instagram)

third?'s socials:

@plaguedbythird (instagram)

Sahm's socials:

@saminja (instagram)



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