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it gets loud.

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We're a Toronto-based Non-profit working to promote emerging Canadian musicians

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Pith at Owl's Club
Doesntmatteritsok and Ssunday at Owl's Club
Gossamer Blue at Bar Orwell

“For the past year I have worked with Smol Audio Projects on shows in the Toronto music scene. Focusing on a DIY approach, their events are as much about building community as they are exciting and original. I feel comfortable approaching SMOL with my ideas and I trust that they will help me achieve my vision. Working with Noah and the rest of the SMOL gang is always a pleasure and I hope they continue to grow!”


- Jordan Paluck / Gossamer Blue

“Smol Audio Projects is necessary. In an industry where gatekeepers rule, they have positioned themselves as the “help”. They always go above and far beyond when it comes to helping local artists. Having been a part of a SMOL interview, been featured on their mix tape, and headlined one of their shows, I can tell you that SMOL are genuine. Working with them has restored my faith in local arts groups. Their events build up the community. They are a voice of support for those that need to hear it.”



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